The Countdown

  • 14 October 2018
  • 8 Minute 30 Seconds
  • U

The Countdown (2018) is English Science Fiction Thriller Short Film by MSN Karthik, which is made in under Rs.5500.


“The Countdown” can best be described as a tale of hope or the story of survival of humanity. It’s an experimental film, in which an astronaut stuck on an unknown planet struggles to get back to his ship only to find that things are actually worse than expected. The film also revolves around the subject of the future of life on the planet.

  • Chanakya Sharma
  • M.S.N Karthik
  • Directed By: M.S.N Karthik
  • Produced By: Adwhyta
  • Music By: Kevin Macleod
  • Story: M.S.N Karthik
  • Written By: M.S.N Karthik
  • Screenplay by: M.S.N Karthik
  • Edited By: M.S.N Karthik
  • Cinematography: M.S.N Karthik
  • Production Company: Adwhyta Production
  • Language: English
  • Country: Bharat
  • Budget: 5500 INR
  • Box Office: 
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