Jayanagar 4th Block ( a kannada short film )

  • 28 December 2013
  • 27 Minutes
  • V/U

Jayanagar 4th block (2013) is Kannada short film fall under drama genre story revolve around, an actor, a florist and a retired school teacher. Although strangers to each other, they often meet at a place regularly developing a friendship. Each of them finds a piece of happiness that they had lost, at Jayanagar 4th block.

  • Danajaya
  • Directed By: D Satya Prakash
  • Produced By: 
  • Music By: 
  • Story: 
  • Written By: 
  • Screenplay by: 
  • Edited By: 
  • Cinematography: 
  • Production Company: Kannada Kolour Cinemas
  • Language: Kannada
  • Country: Bharat
  • Budget: 
  • Box Office: 

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