• 2019 (Bharat)

Hangover (2019) is Kannada comedy, suspense, thriller, drama directed by Vittal Bhat, the story revolves around three Friends they set out to enjoy the time in a city and end up getting massively drunk. They wake up the next day to discover one girl murdered in their flat. None remembers what happened in the past 12 or so hours. What happens in the next 24 hours they will neither forget or remember.

Who is she?

Who Killed Her? Why??

Is he one among those three? Or someone else??

How do they find the murderer with a small clue?

Will they find it?

This forms the storyline of the film.

The overall film moves on running comedy with suspense.

It starts with a reverse screenplay that gives
goose bumps to the audience.

  • Bharath
  • Raj
  • Chirag
  • Mahati Bhikshu,
  • Shahan Monnamma
  • Nandhini Nataraj
  • Shafi
  • Ninasam Ashwath
  • Ks Sridher
  • Yathiraj
  • Spandana
  • Kailash
  • Niranjan Shetty
  • Directed By:  Vittal Bhatt
  • Produced By:  Rakesh D
  • Lyrics: Bahetanhadhur C, Krishna Ritti
  • Music By:  Veer Samarth
  • BGM: 
  • Story:  
  • Written By: Vittal Bhatt
  • Screenplay by: Vittal Bhatt
  • Dialogue:  Ganesh Ranibennuru
  • Edited By: Kiran Kumar
  • Cinematography: Yogi
  • Choreography: Kalai
  • Production Company: Ramanee Reels
  • Language:  Kannada
  • Country:  Bharat
  • Budget: 
  • Box Office: 
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