11 June 2019 15.06 Minutes U Synopsis Narasimaiah Phylum (2019) is a Kannada short film which falls under drama genre, story revolves around Narasimaiah a farmer is preparing to screen a movie in his village in which he has done a small role and the entire village is looking forward to that evening. Cast Mohan […]

Ambani the investor

23 October 2014 18 minutes 14 Seconds U Short Film Synopsis Ambani the investor (2014) is Kannada short film which falls in drama genre, a child who creates an opportunities for himself despite of adverse conditions. A story revolves around poor boy and alcoholic father, the boy starts earning the money by selling his father’s […]

Jayanagar 4th Block ( a kannada short film )

28 December 2013 27 Minutes V/U Synopsis Jayanagar 4th block (2013) is Kannada short film fall under drama genre story revolve around, an actor, a florist and a retired school teacher. Although strangers to each other, they often meet at a place regularly developing a friendship. Each of them finds a piece of happiness that […]


30 Mar 2019 6 Minutes 7 Seconds U Synopsis White (2019) is hindi short film which fall under social drama genre, the film Manu Nag’s Insight Ft. Priyamani and Voice Over by Padmabhushan Shri. Amitabh Bachchan. Produced by S Rajshekar under the Banner Shri Sai Gagan Productions. Cast Priyamani Crew Directed By: Manu Nag Produced […]

THE BOX - A multi-award winning animated short film

16 August 2018 6 Minutes 45 Seconds Synopsis The Box (2018), the animated story of one of the millions of war children, got screened on over 240 film festivals in 52 different countries and won 44 awards worldwide. It’s based on the happy life of a kid which alters instantly with the sudden war and […]

Bennigelliya Kannu

15 March 2019 22 Minutes 43 Seconds Synopsis Bennigelliya Kannu (2019) is Kannada Short film which fall under Drama genre, aka ‘uncover’ depicts the lonely life of a man in a village. His struggle to find a girl and get married increases day by day. He is also confused weather to move to city and […]

black thursday

24 February 2019 4 Minutes Synopsis Micro Movie Black Thursday (2019) is Kannada Drama directed by Praveen Cal, Music composed by B Ajaneesh Loknath; Cinematography by Thanvik G. Plot Humanity has indulged in love and war for as long as we can remember. There is such a fine line between the two that Francis Edward […]

screenshot life

11 February 2019 7 Minutes 25 Seconds Synopsis Screenshot Life (2019) is Kannada Social Drama short film, story revolves around bad time of jobless guy start with his love failure end with viral star in social media. Cast Deepak Kaadermane Gowrisree Go Manju Garuda Prasanna Balachandra Paattavardhan Deekshith Kaadermane Yasir Crew Directed By: Deepak Kaadermane Produced By: Cuberoot […]

The Countdown

14 October 2018 8 Minute 30 Seconds U Synopsis The Countdown (2018) is English Science Fiction Thriller Short Film by MSN Karthik, which is made in under Rs.5500. Plot “The Countdown” can best be described as a tale of hope or the story of survival of humanity. It’s an experimental film, in which an astronaut […]


SAIFF 2014 (New York), IDSFFK 2015 (Bharat), MIFF 2016 (Bharat) 14 Minutes U Synopsis The Gatekeeper (2018) won the Best Short Fiction Award at International Documentary and Short Film Festival Kerala, (IDSFFK)’ 2015. “The Gatekeeper” was also a part of National Prism in Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF)’ 2016 and was also a part of […]