Nanna Prakara

2019 U/A Synopsis Nanna Prakara (2019) is a Kannada Suspense Thriller film written and directed by Vinay Balaji produced by Gururaj.s, co-produced by Kiran Talasila.…

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Inject 0.7

2019 U/A Synopsis Inject 0.7 (2019) is a Kannada psychological thriller film written and directed by Niranjan H Hulmanderi (DOUBLE H ), the film produced…

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Geetha (2019)

December 2019 Synopsis Geetha (2019) is a Kannada romantic comedy film written and directed by Vijaynaagendra, jointly produced by Syedsalam & Shilpa Ganesh. Cast Golden…

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A (1998)

16 January 1998 145 Minutes Synopsis A (1998) is a love story between a film director and an actress which is narrated through multiple flashbacks…

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