Ambani the investor


Ambani the investor (2014) is Kannada short film which falls in drama genre, a child who creates an opportunities for himself despite of adverse conditions. A story revolves around poor boy and alcoholic father, the boy starts earning the money by selling his father’s liquor bottles for investment and rotating the money in other small business activities which earns him some profit.

  • Master Manoj
  • G.Murthy
  • Kshan Pasha
  • Vishnu V Prasanna
  • Prajwal
  • Directed By: Vinodnag
  • Produced By: Vishnu Vaishnav Prasanna, Vinodnag
  • Music By: Kiran Ravindranath (Background Score)
  • Story: Vinodnag
  • Written By: 
  • Screenplay by: Vinodnag
  • Edited By: Shivaraj Mevu
  • Cinematography: Nagarjun
  • Production Company: Kanasu Creation, DBT Production
  • Language: Kannada
  • Country: Bharat
  • Budget: 
  • Box Office: 

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